Public Relations Writing and Editing

Crafting effective communication pieces is both art and science – the art of writing and the science of persuasion. At A Brink & Co. we’re known for our ability to take complex concepts and translate them into clear, engaging materials. We can help your message shine through in:

  • Speeches: written for the ear and in a voice that matches and enhances your personal style
  • Opinion pieces: your point of view expressed with the edge, passion and clarity that gets the attention of op-ed page editors – and readers
  • Bylined articles: your knowledge – from technical topics to business advice – on paper, polished and ready for publication
  • Collateral materials: marketing brochures, corporate identity pieces, commemorative brochures and media kits that come to life through crisp, appealing prose

Editing Services

Sometimes you just need an experienced eye to polish your writing without losing your distinct voice. Our editing untangles awkward constructions and refines the pacing and flow of the text, to leave you sounding like yourself – only better.

Need help finding the right words?


"I know what I want to say – I just don’t know how to put it on paper."
"How can we make our CEO’s speeches more dynamic and engaging?"