Public Relations Tactics

If you don’t have the internal resources to handle your communications needs – or your resources are stretched to the limit – we can help. Our implementation services include:

  • Traditional media relations: we can put you and your message in front of the reporters and editors who reach your most critical audiences
  • Social media: blogging, podcasting, twittering – we know the tools and can help you use them
  • Writing: through speeches, opinion pieces, white papers and collateral materials, we can put your message into clear and persuasive words
  • Editing: when you need an experienced eye to polish your prose, we can make your words more powerful without losing your distinct voice

Need an extra set of hands or an extra PR brain?


"Okay, we have the strategy in place – who’s going to make it happen?"
"Our staff is overloaded – we need more arms and legs to get the job done."