Media Relations

Editorial coverage is one of the most effective ways to get your key messages in front of people who can affect your business’s success: customers, investors, business and community influencers, even potential employees.

Effective media relations demands strategy, persistence and creativity. It requires an understanding of the organization’s message and the ability to persuade reporters and editors that this perspective has value to their audiences. There’s a reason that editorial coverage is referred to as “earned” media!

At A Brink & Co., we are experts at gaining targeted media coverage. We specialize in business-to-business media for energy, finance and other technical fields. We handle everything from media research and list development to writing and distributing press releases, story pitches and bylined articles. And because results count, we measure media effectiveness on a periodic or project basis.

Want more visibility for your business?


"How can I get more visibility for my organization?"
"My competitors are getting all the media coverage. How can I get my fair share?"